TMI Data provides you with support applications you may have already heard about from a business associate, friend, or at any one of our "Keep Your System Running" classes.

We've all had situations when our computers stop working or functioning properly, which can make us think we should replace our computer...but that's not necessary more times then you may think.

TMI Data recommended utilities can keep your PC running and make sure you don't have to buy a new computer unless it's really necessary. Often a simple phone call or email along with one of the applications listed on this page can keep your system running, or bring your computer back from the brink of disaster. We can also assist you in maintaining your desktop computer or server through remote host.

With a simple download and quick email to us *Contact Us* or phone call 831-643-0579, we can save you time and money............ and the software is FREE!!!

Cloud Backup

PC version
TMI Data - Online Backup

Mac/Apple version
TMI Data - Online Backup

Acrobat Reader
- Download new versions

MS File Converters
- 2003 / 2007

Click on the application icon below that you'd like to download.

Malwarebytes - Anti-Malware / Anti Virus

Microsoft Essentials - Anti Virus

CCleaner - System Cleanup & Scanning Utility

PC version Team Viewer - Remote Desktop Assistance

Mac/Apple version Team Viewer - Remote Desktop Assistance

Log Me In - Remote Desktop Assistance